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Russian time zones: pay attention when calling E-mail

One of the important things you have to remember when calling Russia is time difference.  Make sure that you are calling at the right time.  Find out what time it is in Russia right now.

About time zones in Russia

The territory of the Russian Federation is divided into 11 time zones (zone 2 through zone 12 inclusively) with the same time with each time zone. The time is adjusted in each time zone on the last Sunday in March at 2:00 am local time by moving an hour ahead and on the last Sunday of October at 3:00 am by moving an hour back. The boundaries of the time zones in Russia are the boundaries of the Subjects (Subdivisions) of the Russian Federation. Each Subject fits into one time zone, with the exception of Yakutia (Sakha Republic) that streches over three time zones, and Sakhalin Oblast, that covers two time zones. Many regions have a local time that is different from the time zone they are in, since in Russia they have also have Decree time. Decree time refers to the changes introduced to the USSR time system by a Sovnarkom decree of 16 June 1930. By this decree, all clocks in the Soviet Union were permanently shifted one hour ahead of standard time for each timezone.

Find out what time it is now in Russia

When making international calls to Russia it is very important to observe the time difference. 7:00 pm in New York might seem like a good time to make a call. Meanwhile it is 3:00 am in Moscow. Refer to the map and to the current time in different Russian time zone found below.

Russian times zones

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