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Recommend our cards and earn money E-mail

If you are looking for a way to save even more on the already low priced phone cards from Russia Call, consider recommending our phone cards to your friends. Both your friends and you will be rewarded with bonus money.

Recommending our phone cards is very easy.  It also pays you and the people to whom you recommend our international phone cards.

Choose your reward

When you recommend our phone cards to your friends, you can choose from the following reward option:

  • You receive credits to your savings account or to your phone card balance for every first purchase your friends make: $2 for $10 purchase, $4 for $20 purchase, $10 for $50 purchase.

  • You get 1% Discount for one year for every friend who makes a purchase.
    You may accumulate up to 15% Discount for all your purchases!

All you have to do is complete the phone card recommend form where you can fill in the e-mail addresses of your friends (all that remains confidential) and either use the provided text or compose your own message.

Every person you send a recommendation to receives a 5% discount coupon for a phone card purchase on Russia Call.

Recommend our phone cards and earn money!

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Russia Call. Information and savings on calls to Russia.